Frequently asked questions


Plaster Painting

How much does it cost?

Our plasters start at $10 and go up to $35 depending on their size and intricacy.

Do you have take home plasters?

Yes! You're welcome to come in and purchase plasters to take home with you to paint. We also sell 5mL paint pots and paintbrushes if you need some!

What kind of paint do you use?

We use acrylic paint for all our plasters.

Do you have art smocks/aprons?

We have aprons of various sizes for everyone to use. We don't have full sleeve smocks at the moment but will have some soon for little kids. We do recommend wearing old clothes to paint in though, just in case.

Does your paint wash out of clothes?

Yes and no. The paint we use is highly pigmented (which gives the very bold colours we have) and so it is more likely to stain than other paints, however if washed quickly while the paint is still wet we've found the paint comes out well, just make sure to use a cold wash. As mentioned above though, we do recommend wearing old clothes to come paint in to avoid any disasters!

My plaster broke! Can it be repaired?

The best way we've found to repair plasters is with a contact adhesive (can usually be bought at supermarkets, otherwise head to a hardware store). We do have adhesive in the shop and so if you'd like us to have a go at repairing your plaster feel free to bring it in (we can't make any promises though). Alternatively, broken plasters make great chunky pieces of chalk!

Is plaster painting just for children?

Absolutely not!! Plaster painting is a fun activity for all ages. We get everyone from very young children (12 months and up) to grandparents coming in to paint. It truly is an activity everyone can enjoy.

Do I need to book to come in and paint?

No, but we do recommend doing so if you are coming in a large group, especially if you're planning on coming in during school holidays as we can get very busy!


Can I bring my own party food/cake/decorations/games?

Yes! We do have decoration, food and game options available that we can supply, however they are totally optional and you're welcome to bring just about anything you like.

Do I need to pay any surcharges or fees to bring my own cake/food/drinks etc?

No. We don't charge any extra for you to bring your own items in.

Do we need to bring cups/plates/cutlery/cake knife/matches?
No to cups, plates, cake knife and matches; yes to cutlery.

We have rainbow coloured melamine cups and plates available for use (30 of each), along with a large cutting knife and lighters. We don't have cutlery though so if you wanted knives, forks or spoons for anything you will need to bring your own. If you have a large amount of people attending your party it may be a good idea to bring a small amount of paper cups and plates as backup though.

What's included with your parties?

If you head here you'll find all the information you need on our parties and what they include. To give you a quick rundown though, our party packages start at $250 (parties held Monday - Thursday; $320 for parties held Friday - Sunday) and include private use of The Plaster Pitt for 2 hours (30 minutes for set up and 90 minutes for the party) and plaster painting for up to 12 children. From there you can add extra guests, food, drink, decorations and games as desired!

I only have [less than 12] children coming, will I still need to pay the minimum charge?

Yes. Along with plaster painting and private venue use, included in the minimum charge is time for us to set up your party and clean up afterwards, and this occurs for every party whether we're catering for a group of 7 or 27. If you have a much smaller group and aren't worried about having private use of the space, then you're welcome to just book a table instead.

Can I book a table for a group instead of booking a party?

Yes, however if you have a large group (more than 8-10 people) we do strongly recommend booking a party. Booking a party gives you the flexibility of time (parties don't have to be booked within open hours) and extra space (we will pack away all the furniture not needed so there's plenty of room to play). Please note that if you have only booked a table you will not be permitted to set up decorations or party games.

How many games do you recommend at a party?

How many games and activities we advise outside plaster painting really depends on the age group of those attending the party. The younger the children are the less time they'll typically spend painting. In our experience so far, for a standard 90 minute party expect children 6 and under to spend a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes painting, so you will need quite a few other activities to keep them busy. Children 7-8 and up tend to spend more time painting, usually around an hour. Plaster painting plus one extra game is typically enough for older groups with enough time left at the end to sing happy birthday and cut the cake!

Can I choose certain plasters for everyone to paint at a party?

Yes, plasters are able to be chosen ahead of time or on the day. If particular plasters are desired, please inform us as soon as possible, and no later than 2 weeks prior to your party. As we make all our own plasters, time is needed for plasters to be poured and set before they can be painted. If less than 2 weeks’ notice is given, we cannot guarantee that we can produce the amount of plasters required.

 Can I bring in a bottle of wine for the parents at my child's party?

Yes, we are BYO approved, however you will need to bring in your own wine/beer glasses. We just kindly ask that you don't go overboard.

Workshops and Holiday Programs

What is Kids Creative Club?

Kids Creative Club is a weekly workshop series that runs throughout each school term (beginning week 2 of each respective term). Each week we focus on a different art or craft project.

Do I need to sign up for the whole term?

No. You're welcome to attend individual KCC workshops as you like, however bookings are required so remember to get in touch and let us know you're coming!

Other stuff

Do you make the plasters yourself?

Yes! We make all the plasters we sell. We use plastic, silicone and latex moulds for our plasters and have around 400 different moulds at the moment!

I can't find you. Where are you located?

We're around the corner from Onesta Restaurant in Bowral on Argyle Lane, up the ramp on the left hand side and next door to Back In Action Physio. Onesta is located next door to Bing Lee and across the road from Target on Boolwey Street, Bowral. Give us a call if you still can't find us and we'll be able to direct you here.

Where can I park?

There is 1 hour parking both on Boolwey Street and Argyle Lane (Monday - Saturday, parking here on Sundays is not metered). If you're looking for longer parking, the best options are the Station Street car park, or the small parking lot at the end of Argyle Lane (entrance on Banyette Street), both of which are unmetered. 

Can I leave my child at The Plaster Pitt for the day while I go to work?

No. While our staff all have current Working With Children Checks we are not an approved child care provider.

Can you ship plasters to me?

Yes! Check out our online store. We are able to post all our plasters and craft packs. Shipping costs are determined by weight, and orders are posted with Australia Post within 3 business days of being made. We cannot guarantee delivery by particular dates.