Parties & events

We offer a unique party experience in the Highlands, and can cater for just about any party you want to throw, including take away party packages. 

Our basic in-house packages start at $250 for 12 people. They're a simple and easy way to have a great time. We provide the plasters, paint and space, and let you handle the rest, allowing you to arrange your party exactly how you want.

From there, our more inclusive packages can take care of as much or as little as you'd like. Decorations. Food. Games. We can arrange just about anything you need, just let us know.

Download our Party Packages form below to get all the info on our parties, and e-mail it back to us at to get your party locked in. Can't decide what's best? Get in touch! Give us a call, e-mail or message us to discuss exactly what you're looking for. We want to help you mould the party you want!